Painting is


“Painting is a prayer. It’s my communication of visual imagery that celebrates life for all humans on planet earth and the cosmos. Nudes, animals, flowers, flags, jewelry, and all objects are painted as symbols of ideas, attitudes, feelings, moods, sounds, and odors. The Wonder and mystery of seeing a lover, a star, a leaf, the rain, or hearing the sounds of a bird, a cricket, an opera diva, or an airplane, or smelling a rose, a burning candle, or the cat box. All of that and zillions more can be absorbed intensely as a mystical experience when viewing silently a “work of art ”. I see roses as symbolic of personalities in the magnificent garden of life ….. no two alike, even on the same bush. I want my work to be readily available to everyone on earth, all 7 billion”

BY Alice Asmar
September 4, 2008

Asmar Art Studios
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